Ifeoma Areh, Oma Areh

MarkHack launched its second edition, a hackathon event of merging media, marketing, and technology, with the theme: Unlocking the power of the creative economy on the 7th of June, 2023, at the Eko Innovation Centre, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The event was aimed at promoting innovation and creativity in the tech industry.

Ifeoma ‘Oma Areh, better known as ‘Oma Areh, an award- winning Brand Communications and marketing expert, principal consultant of WildFlower PR & Company was selected as one of the selection jurors due to her expertise and experience in the creative industry.

She stated at the event that “as a selection juror at Nigeria’s first hackathon event, it is great to witness firsthand the incredible ideas developed by the participants. The solutions presented addressed various challenges faced by the industry, such as data privacy, content creation & distribution, audience engagement, and digital advertising.”

She commended the participants for their creativity and determination to make a positive impact on the media and marketing landscape.

The winners were collectively rewarded the prize of $10,000 and gained the opportunity to join the Eko Innovation Centre accelerator programme with up to $50,000 equity investment.

The hackathon offered participants a unique opportunity to showcase their media, marketing, and technology skills and expertise. It brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds, including developers, marketers, and journalists, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration.

By fostering an environment of innovation and creative problem-solving, the hackathon pushed boundaries for what is possible in the media and marketing sectors and also paved the way for innovative solutions that will shape the future of media and marketing.