Hold onto your gele girls, ’cause episode 7 of Manless is here, and Fejiro (Bamike “Bambam” Adenibuyan) is about to face a dilemma that will have you screaming!

Episode 7 of Manless is here, and Fejiro (Bamike “Bambam” Adenibuya

After a string of bad dates, Fejiro finally meets John, a seemingly decent guy who ticks all the boxes. But just when you think happily ever after is on the horizon, Fejiro tempts fate. Does she want a clingy cuddle buddy or a supportive king who respects her hustle?

This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions and laughs. Will Fejiro find her Mr. Right, or is she destined for more dating disasters? Tune in to episode 7 of Manless and find out!

Manless stars Bamike Adenibuyan as Fejiro,, Scott Obilor stars as John

Manless stars Bamike Adenibuyan as Fejiro, Bryan Okoye as Tobe, and Eseosa Bernard as Shola. In episode 7, Scott Obilor stars as John. New episodes of Manless drop every Friday at 7 pm WAT on the WildPepper Studios YouTube channel.

Click the link below to watch episode 7 and see if Fejiro gets her fairytale ending! (We won’t spoil it, but let’s just say you won’t want to miss this!)

Watch episode 7 below: