Episode 3 of Mercy’s Menu season 4 introduces cook book author, influencer, and etiquette coach, Winifred Nwania to Mercy Johnson Okojie’s kitchen. In this episode, Mercy and Winifred talk about the difference between a chef and a cook while they cook up a tasty Spaghetti and Curry sauce meal.

Winifred Nwania Shares in Episode 3 of Mercy’s Menu Season 4!

As the episode rolled out, Winifred took the forefront in cooking and dishing out table etiquette as they ate. She also shared the story behind her passion for cooking while taking many twists down sad and happy memory lane. Winifred also talked about her book, family, career, and content creation.

Deep into the episode, Mercy got Winifred to spill her relationship status and what she wants from a man. From marriage to maternal and business talks, these duo shared helpful advice for all women.

Winifred Nwania Shares in Episode 3 of Mercy’s Menu Season 4!

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