Watch OC Ukeje Confront His Wife’s Sexy Driver, Chris Attoh In Clip From Potato Potahto


Tony gets home to meet his ex wife’s hot help and he really doesn’t find it funny. How impossible can living with your ex spouse be? Especially when there are sexy helps involved!

Potato Potahto is a new movie that centres on the life of a divorced couple who live together. The weirdness, the drama, and the fun all in one roof. Watch how Shirley Frimpong controls the visuals of this beautiful story which stars Oc Ukeje, Joke Silva, Chris Attoh, Nikki Samonas and Lala Akindoju.

Potato Potahto has won many international awards and will hit African cinemas this November. It will be released in Nigerian and South African cinemas on the 24th and in Ghana on 30th November, 2017.

Check out the clip below

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Every PR Tactic is tailored to appeal to an audience; this can be a very daunting task because capturing their hearts can sometimes be very difficult. Therefore, in order to appeal to their minds, your brand needs to get a little resourceful by implementing some non-traditional PR tactics.

Ultimately, you want people to buy the relationship and promise rather than just the service or product; your strategies/tactics should tell your stories while also building your repute and reliability.

Here are some public relations tactics you can use to get a competitive edge.

Examine your competition 
Study your competitors, what they are offering and what type of media coverage they are achieving. You can make sure that you aren’t talking about the same topics, can see where they are being published so you can emulate, and learn from their mistakes. You should keep an eye on what your competition is up to, but you should never get fixated on it.

Write expert articles
Writing articles is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and give you an edge against your competition. Your articles must be relevant, engaging and valuable for your target audience. You can then pitch your articles to the publications you would like to be featured in.

Provide commentary to the media 
Since journalists are always on the watch for new story angles, expert opinions and advice, providing commentary to the media is a brilliant way to demonstrate your own expertise and knowledge in your topic area. This could be as simple as offering a response to an article or pitching yourself to a publication for an interview. Reading the news everyday is essential for knowing the right time to provide commentary to the media.

Make the most of speaking opportunities 
Speaking at conferences or events is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert with your target audience, build your profile and credibility, and generate brand awareness is to speak at conferences or events. Don’t just be present at industry events, make your presence felt.

Use case studies to your advantage 
Case studies describe previous clients your business has worked with. They give potential customers or clients an insight into how your business operates, and how they can benefit from what your business has to offer.

Remember: The power of public relations ultimately lies in its ability to set a business apart.


Potato Potahto Premieres at the Chelsea Film Festival |Bags 4 Awards at the Toronto Nollywood International Film Festival

Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Potato Potahto, the first Nollywood film to ever premiere at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York, premiered on 21st October and had in attendance Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Ken Attoh, Joselyn Dumas and Nikki Samonas. 72 short films from 19 countries were screened at the 5th edition of the festival which was founded by Ingrid Jean-Baptiste.[btx_image image_id=”1198″ link=”/” position=”center”][/btx_image]

A day before this premiere, the movie bagged four awards at the inaugural edition of the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. Awards received include Best Feature Film (Nollywood), Best Costume, Special jury awards for best actor (OC Ukeje) and Best Actress (Joselyn Dumas).

Potato Potahto tells the story of a divorced couple whose plans to share their matrimonial home results in chaos after the husband, Tony (OC Ukeje), brings in an attractive female house help. When his ex-wife, Lulu (Joselyn Dumas), then hires an attractive young man to help her out, a roller coaster ride of laughter, jealousy and tears ensues.

Already screened at five other international festivals, including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and the Durban Urban Film Festival, Potato Potahto is a collaboration between Ascend Studios, 19 April Entertainment, Virgo Sun Ltd, Lufodo Productions and WB Entertainment.

The movie is set for release in Nigeria and South Africa on the 24th of November and Ghana on the 30th of November.[btx_gallery images=”1199,1201,1202,1203″]Insert gallery caption[/btx_gallery]

Tope Oshin’s Documentary ‘Nigeria: Shooting It Like A Woman’ To Air On BBC

Award-winning screen director Tope Oshin celebrates a new generation of Nigerian women film-makers who are currently reinventing Nollywood, the largest and most prolific film industry in Africa. She explores their distinctive approach to telling stories which aim to better represent women’s lives and aspirations in Nigeria today.

Tope pays tribute to the popular and inspirational film-maker Amaka Igwe, who died in 2014, and meets some of the key women now shaking up gender stereotypes and winning awards and audiences. These include the formidable and outspoken Mildred Okwo, director of the political satire The MeetingMichelle Bello, director of the hit romcom Flower GirlKemi Adetiba, who directed last year’s box office winner The Wedding Party; and Remi Vaughan Richards, whose drama Outspoken cast a searing spotlight on the issue of child brides.

The directors reflect on how women are succeeding in a male-dominated industry, despite the failure of the Nigerian parliament last year to pass the Gender Equality Bill which would give legal support for equal pay and equal rights for women in Nigeria.

The Documentary is a part of the 2017 season of BBC’s 100 Women. It will be aired on BBC World Service Radio between 11.30am – 12 Noon on Wednesday, 25th October

Also available to listen online and to download as a podcast from BBC iPlayer

Potato Potahto: First Nollywood Movie to be screened at the Chelsea Film Festival

Potato Potahto, the first Nollywood movie to ever be selected at the Chelsea Film Festival, will be screened tomorrow, 21st October, 2017 by 8.30pm. This is coming after it opened the Silicon Valley Film Festival, and won the ‘Best Narrative Feature Film’ award at the festival.

Joselyn Dumas, the movie’s female lead in an interview, described it as ‘A fun, yet difficult story that reflects the struggles couples go through’. She described the cast of the movie as ‘one of the best group of people she has ever worked with on a movie set’.

Chris Attoh, who attended the Silicon Valley Film Festival, said he was ‘overwhelmed by the positive reviews the movie received during, and after its screening’.

The movie which packs a striking cast including OC Ukeje, Joselyn Dumas, Joke Silva, Lala Akindoju, Nikki Samonas, Chris Attoh, Blossom Chukwujekwu and others, is an incredible showcase of how international co-operation, talent and creativity can combine to give a wonderful and generally attractive film experience.

Potato Potahto tells the story of a divorced couple who decide to co-habit on equal terms in their former matrimonial home, but soon come to the realisation that the ingenious idea is easier said than done.

It is a co-production of Ascend Studios, 19 April Entertainment, Virgo Sun Ltd, Lufodo Production and WB Entertainment.

The 5th Chelsea Film Festival will commence on October 19th and end on October 2nd.

Potato Potahto heads to African cinemas| Set to premiere in Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana

Following a series of successful screenings in some of the biggest festival across the globe, West African romantic comedy ‘Potato Potahto’ will kick off its cinematic releases across the continent from November 2017. Potato Potahto opens in Nigerian and South African cinemas on the 24th of November and makes its way to Ghanaian screens on the 30th of November.

Directed by award winning Ghanaian film maker Shirley Frimpong-Manso; the film stars OC Ukeje, Joselyn Dumas, Joke Silva, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Chris Attoh, LalaAkindoju, AdjeteyAnang, Victoria Michaels and Nikki Samonas. The movie tells the story of a divorced couple whose plans to share their matrimonial home results in chaos after the husband, Tony, brings in an attractive female house help. When his ex-wife, Lulu, then hires an attractive young man to help her out, a roller coaster ride of laughter, jealousy and tears ensues.

Producer Inya Lawal is ecstatic about the movie’s upcoming cinematic release; “We have taken Potato Potahto round the world to an  incredibly warm reception, we cannot wait to bring it to cinemas home in Africa, this is just the beginning! “ she explained.[btx_image image_id=”1182″ link=”/” position=”center”][/btx_image]

For South African filmmaker Bonginhlanhla‘Mr. B’Ncube, more African film makers should adopt Potato Potahto’s unique form of pan-African collaborations. “This collaboration is a true representation of Africans coming together and saying, ‘we own this space, our continent, our people,’ let’s serve them and tell those African stories-to our people.”Mr. B attended the Cannes Film Festival premiere of the film and immediately invited the Producers to release the film in South Africa, his production company Sukuma Media which released the action comedy flick, Safe Bet (2016), is actively involved in the South African release.

Director Shirley Frimpong-Manso reflects on the film’s journey; “It has been a whirlwind taking our labour of love across the world. I have truly been overwhelmed by the universal acceptance of the movie, the unusual storyline and our incredible cast; I look forward to when Potato Potahto finally hits the cinemas.”

Potato Potahto has been screened to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival, the Durban International Film Festival, the British Urban Film Festival, and the Silicon Valley African Film Festival. It was the first Nollywood film to screen at the Chelsea Film Festival and it heads to the American Film Market, the African International Film Festival and the Toronto Nollywood International Film Festival in November.

Potato Potahto is a co-production of Ascend Studios, 19 April Entertainment Virgo Sun Ltd, Lufodo Productions and WB Entertainment.

View Trailer below:[btx_video type=”self-hosted” video_id=”1185″ video_url=”″ poster_id=”1183″ poster_url=””]



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MUSIC VIDEO:  Official Video for ‘Potato Potahto’ Soundtrack by OC Ukeje ft Vector

Star actor OC Ukeje has released the video for his song Potato Potahto which is also the sound track for the movie with the same title. The video for this track which was produced by Egar Boi and features Vector was shot in Durban, South Africa.

“I actually started singing before becoming an actor. When acting took over my life, I said to myself that my time as an artist will come one day. So when the opportunity came it seemed as a natural step for me to take,” says the talented actor and artist OC Ukeje.


The song “Potato Potahto” was produced by international record company Kingstone Records at Peaceville Entertainment’s studios in Lagos. The collaboration between the actor and singer OC Ukeje, star rapper Vector and genius song producer Egar Boi is the result of an excellent fusion between creative minds.


Potato Potahto” is the main soundtrack of the Award-winning film with the same name that will premiere in movie theaters from November 2017. The film stars some of Africa’s top actors including OC Ukeje, Joselyn Dumas, Joke Silva, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Chris Attoh, Nikki Samonas, Adjetey Anang, Lala Akindoju, Victoria Michaels and was directed by award-winning Shirley Frimpong-Manso.

Watch the video here:

Actor OC Ukeje makes music debut with ‘Potato Potahto’ 

Multi-award winning actor OC Ukeje debuts as an artist with the release of the new single Potato Potahto featuring Nigerian rap super star Vector. The video stars beautiful Ghanaian actress Joselyn Dumas.
 The love song which was written and composed by OC himself will be released officially on Friday, 13th October 2017.
Watch the teaser below.
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Authored by NimiClaret

Owning a small business and not knowing how to promote your brand could be difficult most of the time. In this new age of digital marketing, using social media to promote your brand is the best way to go. Your target audience are everywhere. You can find them on any social media platform you can think of; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Setting up your accounts and managing them might seem difficult but here are five ways to take care of that with ease.


The first step to growing your audience on social media is having strong profiles and pages for your social media accounts. When building your profiles and pages, always make sure you fill out every single detail, put up a bio, website link, location, phone number and email address. This will give people who click on your profile a reason to follow you.


Another way to build your audience on social media is by sharing reasonable and valuable content. Always remember to share content your target audience will enjoy and they can benefit from. For instance, if your business is a smoothie business, share content about the benefits of smoothies and health tips.


Social media is just wonderful because its reach can go worldwide. People can notice your own business with a paid promotion. You have to invest in ads and social media management tools to help promote your business. There are various ways start-ups can share and market their content; you can boost your posts on Facebook, and can promote your posts on Instagram so they can appear higher on your audience’s feed, there by increasing the chance being seen.


You can now grow your audience after setting up your social media profiles, content and strategy. All you have to do is follow other people, pages and profiles, repost content, like posts and respond to comments. Always respond to feedback and be regular on your pages. Your community will definitely expand when you engage and interact with your audience regularly.


Always keep in mind that you have to track, monitor and measure your social media statistics. Vital metrics will show the success of your marketing strategy and how much you have achieved in a given period of time.





A PR strategy enables you to consider every aspect of communicating a message in the best possible way. It helps you to make strategic decisions about the best ways to communicate, as well as increase your profile and build brand awareness. It will also help you to maximise the success of your PR efforts and help to grow your business.

Here are six tips to help you develop a strong PR strategy.

Know your end game
It is important to outline the goals and objectives for what you want to achieve, when creating a PR strategy.

For instance, you may want to launch a new product line in your business and create awareness for it in the market, or you may want to position your product/ service as the leader in its category. Make sure your goals are SMART i.e, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Define your target audience
Your target audience consists of the individuals, groups and communities that have influence and decision making power over your products or services. They are the ones you are trying to draw and sell to; the people you want to communicate with.

To understand who your target audience is start by asking: Who would be interested in hearing about my business, who are key decision makers, and who will take action to purchase my products/service.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, research their behaviours, such as what they read, what they watch, where they visit and how they consume media. By defining your target audience you can tailor your communication to suit their behaviours, and therefore increase the effectiveness of your PR strategy.

Set your key messages
Key messages are the core messages you want your target audience to hear and remember about your business. They are an important part of a PR strategy because they can shape your content and communicate a unified message.

You can include key messages in your written and spoken communication to convey a specific message about your business to your target audience.

For example, a key message for a business may be: WildFlower is a leader in the communications industry, by always staying on top of industry trends to create cutting edge campaigns.

What are your tactics?
Tactics are the activities that will help you to achieve your PR objectives. If we use the example of raising awareness for a new product, one tactic may be getting celebrities to endorse the product.

Other tactical options include email newsletters, influencer marketing, social media campaigns, blogs, public speaking etc.

Make a list of the types of publications your target audience reads, the events they attend and how they spend their time online. This may help to guide what type of tactics will work for you.

Set a deadline
Always put time frames around each tactic to ensure they are completed in a timely manner. For example, you could create an action plan which details the PR activities for a particular month. Outline things like: who will complete them, when you will start the activities and the deadline for completion.

A PR strategy with detailed time frames can help you to organise your workload, act as a reminder and ensure accountability.

It is important to measure the success of your PR strategy. By monitoring your success you can determine whether your PR activities are working and discover the areas you need to improve on. It’s also a good idea to regularly review your PR strategy to ensure it’s working effectively.


YOUR WEBSITE AND YOUR BRAND: Five Helpful Tips On How To Harmonize Both

In today’s world, every business owner knows that having a business website and social media accounts is vital for reaching customers. Most startups successfully create an online brand for themselves, but maintaining that brand presence takes a considerable amount of time and energy. Consumers are likely to first encounter your brand online than off, and even those who get their first impression of your brand in print often follow up with a Google search. So, when you start thinking you should let your online brand just drag along, wake up and smell the coffee.

A corporate website is the sum total of a business’ branding platform, an accumulation of all the aspects that have come together in various ways previously in an easy to access format. The goal of a website is to characterize a company, sell its products, attract more visitors, generate more business leads, promote more sales of company’s products and services, and ultimately help gain more return on investment. To achieve these, a company should have a consistent brand message that cuts through the clutter and builds loyalty and trust with the customer.

A good website should easily portray the company’s values and culture. Visitors who are satisfied will reach out to other potential customers, which will increase your business prospects.

Here are 5 questions that could help you know if you are doing right by your website…

  1. Does the experience of your site feel authentic?

Your site should not look like the clone of another. It should convey your brand personality — through imagery, motion, color, typography, layout, voice, and tone. If you’re all about information and statistics, make your site crisp and efficient. If you offer  creative services, show them off on your site. High end brand? Communicate that through elegant design.

The headlines and visuals on every key landing page should communicate your competitive strength. If they don’t, rethink them.

  1. Does your website contain a clear call to action?

Anticipate the way users want to interact with your site then build the site in a way that lets them do that, because most web users are task oriented and goal driven. A visit to your website should leave them saying (with satisfaction), “I found what I needed.”

View more work. Search our listings, Sign up for our e-newsletter, Speak with a representative, Add to cart etc, are some calls to action you can use to make your website easily navigated.

  1. Is what you do clear and interesting to your users?

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. You aren’t a monopoly; consumers are constantly comparing you with competition. Visitors should grasp, within seconds, who you are and what you do.

Use  simple and clear descriptions of the company’s mission and vision statements.

  1. Does your site strengthen the experience you’ve created on other channels?

The goal is to create a seamless experience — online and offline. If consumers are already familiar with you from, say, an ongoing business relationship, a retail presence, or media coverage, your business’ website needs to deepen their understanding of your value. It should move them along the continuum of Awareness- Deliberation – Preference -Purchase.

Your online and offline experiences should work in sync, reinforcing one another.

  1. Does your site feel current?

If the answer is no, then you need to do better. An outdated website equals an outdated business. It is important to know that an out-of-date website leaves a negative impression, on a grand scale. Therefore, do not  create a website you can’t manage; consciously commit to monthly, weekly, sometimes even daily updates.

Dazzlr Collaborates with Ascend Talent Management | Brings International Artists to India

In its commitment to bring the best of the talent to the fore, Dazzlr has crossed yet another milestone. Dazzlr, a talent discovery platform that brings together actors, casting professionals, directors and producers, has announced its tie up with an ace African talent management company, Ascend Talent Management.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vivek Bohra, Producer and Co-Founder, Dazzlr said, “Our aim is to promote talent from across the world. We are not restricted to any geographical boundaries, in fact the power and growth of box office of films that indulge in global talent is clearly evident even in top notch Hollywood films. There is tremendous scope for newer talent in our country as well as for our talent in different cinemas across the world. Ascend Talent Management is one of the biggest talent management company in Africa and we are glad to be associated with them.”

Adding on, Inya Lawal founder and Head Talent Management at Ascend Talent Management said, “We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to expand our entertainment network globally and the collaboration with Dazzlr is an exceptional illustration of that vision. It is good to see that Bollywood is more inclusive in taking on talent globally, as there are an incredible number of talented artistes across Africa. We are excited to be a crucial part of this move.

The Indian entertainment industry is one of the largest in the world and international artists are keen to be a part of the same. The African entertainment industry is growing exponentially and encourages artists to pursue their field of interest. This collaboration will provide a quick and easy access to stimulate the industry without having to worry about distances, costs, etc.

The Indian Film industry shoots around the world and we are always looking forward to cast talented actors in different locales so this step only adds to our resolution of making the casting eco-system of the world more accessible for actors and casting directors alike.” says Aadore, Mukherjee, Co-Founder, Dazzlr. Aadore has also been responsible for casting Big Ticket Bollywood Films such as Happy New Year and BaarBaarDekho in countries such as the UAE and UK.

The app can be easily downloaded from the PlayStore on Android and the App Store on Apple.




Photos: #Bezlive Abuja 2017! Bez Takes Abuja by Storm In Best Ever Live Music Concert In Nigeria

#Bezlive Abuja 2017! Bez Takes Abuja by Storm In Best Ever Live Music Concert In Nigeria


The Bez Live Concert Abuja finally took place on Saturday 18th of feburary, 2017 at the Sheraton hotel. Music was fed to the fans in the best, undiluted form ever as Bez live Abuja can be practically said to be the best live music concert in the history of this country.

Some Fellow alternative music acts were also present as they stunned the whole city of Abuja with some excellent vocals and instrument skill. Bez who is a singer and Multi Instrumentalist decided to show off his guitar skill, till the fans roared in ecstasy.

Bez is one of our clients at WildFlowerPR

Here are pictures from the event.


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6 Surefire ways SEO will help you build your entertainment brand

If you are always on the internet, own or operate a website or even own a social media page, you must have come across the acronym SEO.

In very simple English, What on earth is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which can be broken into two relatable words, Search Engine and Optimization. According to Wikipedia, a search engine is an ‘online software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web’. Examples of search engines include Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. Optimization according to means ‘to make the most of’. Therefore search engine optimization can be said to be the act and art of making the most out of search engines.  It is the process of increase the rank of your website/keyword on the search engine results page and the Holy Grail is to be number one on the list.

SO exactlyWhy Do We Need SEO?

This is the internet age! Imagine if you decide to type ‘Nigerian Musicians’ in a search engine and it brought out some people first before some other people. You might feel some of the artistes it omitted at first might be more relevant than those showed but it is beyond mere human relevance. There is a different way by which search engine measures relevance, and this exactly why you need SEO as an entertainment brand. In other words the higher you show on search engines the more important you are perceived. Take a look below at the artistes that pop up on Google when you search for Nigerian musicians.

It goes without saying then, the aim of using SEO to build your brand is to increase your visibility on search engines which in turns leads to increased visibility of your brand online.


Below are six surefire ways to build your brand using SEO!

Stay ‘Woke’ for Social

social media
Image Credit: Sourced-Google

Social media profiles that have been left for dead don’t improve your brand.  Instead, they show you have given up and don’t care about your followers.  To prevent this from happening, create a calendar that involves checking in with your profiles at least once a day to provide helpful, interesting or funny updates. Imagine if only your followers search for you on social media and search engines, they would have succeeded in registering your name as a keyword in the search engines.

YouTube is an open door, Walk Through

Image Credit: Sourced-Google

What is YouTube? Where you drop videos? No! YouTube is a social media network like instagram withspaces for video with practically no time limits.YouTube is huge. With over six billion hours of footage watched every month, publishing quality content to this video sharing site is a great way to get your brand noticed.  For best results, consider posting “how to” content that provides instructions on common questions in your industry.  These videos may not have the flash of would-be viral contenders, but their evergreen nature ensures that they’ll refer interested viewers to your website for the foreseeable future. Also remember, YouTube is owned by Google – the biggest search engine in the world.

Get yourself a website and Use it!

Image Credit:

Any good brand building campaign should start with a business website – be it for a person, label or group of people.After acquiring such websites, it must not be left for death but be updated as regularly as possible to give fans and customers alike a reason to visit your site over and over again.  However, you should know that if your content isn’t exciting, inspiring or memorable in some way, it will not stand out in the minds of your reader.

Go out more! Create your own events

Sourced: Google

The often-unspoken truth is that offline still controls online. People talk about what happened offline, online. Events bring about stories. Stories keep in mouth of people. Being in the mouth of people brings you closer to their heart and hence they will love to know what you are up to net time. A lot of today’s celebrities became so because of events and the subsequent online reaction.

The Search Filter is your best friend

search filter
Image Credit: Sourced-Google

Use the search filter on Facebook, Instagram and especially Twitter, to view comments made about you while you were not mentioned directly. Take a few minutes to post a quick reply and your brand will be seen as a friendly brand! This will make people relate with you better.

Don’t Stop, Never ever stop

Dont stop
Image Credit: Sourced-Google

You know what they say, consistency is key. Once you kick off your SEO efforts, be patient but deliberate with the process and results will definitely come in. We all know that Rome and reputations aren’t built in a day, this is the same with SEO. Your SEO ranking becomes greater when you put in more effort, regularly with a goal in mind.


Once you kick off these steps, be assured you are on your way to becoming an SEO star…

Has this article helped you in any way? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section. You can also let us take a lot of the stress off your shoulder.

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Let Go Of Anger and Frustration – Monday Motivation

Our Monday Mantra for this week tells us to let go of anger and frustration.
let go of anger and frustration


Nearly everyone has been hurt by the actions or words of another. These wounds can leave you with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness or even vengeance, but if you don’t practice forgiveness, you might be the one who pays most dearly. By embracing forgiveness, you can also embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you deny the other person’s responsibility for hurting you, and it doesn’t minimize or justify the wrong. You can forgive the person without excusing the act. Forgiveness brings a kind of peace that helps you go on with life.



let go of anger and frustration buddha

Give yourself permission to feel pain, anger and resentment. But relax, meditate and then let it go. It’s a new week, so choose to start afresh.